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Total REX gig dates

In most cases, tickets may be purchased online from reliable external ticket agents using the links given below when they become available. There is often a handling charge on top of the face value of the ticket. Please bear this in mind when making a purchase.

Please keep checking this website page for updates on ticket releases. Or visit us on Facebook. For further info please email us at or contact the venues directly.


Sat 3 Feb

Sat 27th Jan 

Sat 17 Feb

  Venues  & Ticket links

January 2024

February 2024

Bradford – Tickles Music Hall LOW TICKET WARNING

Coventry – Arches - SOLD OUT

Widnes – The SNIG - SOLD OUT

Fri 15 March

March 2024

Sat 16 March

Sat 24 Feb

Fri 1 March

Grimsby – Yardbirds LOW TICKET WARNING

Kidderminster 45 Live

More dates to be added very soon...

For further Info email or contact the venues directly.

Total Rex T Rex tribute band large venues

Sat 20th April

April 2024

Sat 30 March

Sat 6 April

Birmingham - Billesley Rock Club


Fri 17 May

Sat 4 May

Fri 26 April

May 2024

Sun 5 May

Bradford - Idle Club

Biggin Hill - Biggin Hill Club  (Private Members Club)

Sat 29 June

Sat 1st June

Fri 26 April

June 2024

Sat 22 June

Bradford - Idle Club

Fri 5 July

July 2024

Sat 6 July

Leicester – The Musician    Postponed til 2025 

Cardiff - Acapela


Fri 16th Aug

Sun 25 Aug

August 2024

Sun 18 Aug

Sutton Coldfield - Rhodehouse

York, Tribfest  Outdoor Festival 2.00pm 

Tickets | Tribfest (en-GB)

Sat 7 Sept

Fri 27 Sept

September 2024

Sat 14 Sept

Sat 28 Sep

Sat 12 October

Fri 19th Oct

Sun 20 Oct

October 2024

Sat 19 Oct

Sat 9 Nov

November 2024

Fri 22 Nov

Bridgnorth - Theatre on the Steps - SELLING FAST 

Total REX - T.Rex Tribute | What's On | Theatre on the steps

Middlesbrough - Easton & Normandy Club

Sat 18th Jan 

January 2025 

Sat 25th Jan

Sat 1st Feb 

February  2025 

Sat 8th Feb

Sat 22nd Feb  

Coventry - Arches  - Tickets on sale soon!

Sat 15th March

Sat 29th

March 2025

Sat 22nd March 






Sat 5th April 

Sat 26th April 

April 2025

Sat 12th April 

Barnsley - Birdwell 

Birdwell Venue - Total Rex

Grimsby - Yardbirds  

Tickets On Sale Soon! 

Sat 10th May 

Sat 24th May 

May 2025 

Sat 17th May  

Festival Headliners - TBA

Milton Keynes - MK11  

Tickets On Sale Soon 

Sat 7th June  

Sat 21st June 

June 2025 

Sat 14th June 

New Brighton, Merseyside - Fort Perch 
Tickets On Sale Soon 

London - Cryer Arts Centre  

Tickets On sale Soon 

Birmingham - Billesley Rock Club   


Sat 12th July 

Sat 26th July 

July 2025 

Sat 19th July   


Chesterfield - Real Live  

 Tickets On sale Soon 

Bradford - Black Dyke Mills Heritage Centre   

Tickets On Sale Soon 

Sat Dec 21

December 2024

Rotherham - Chantry - Christmas Party Bop

Fri 26th April

Bradford - Idle Club - SOLD OUT

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